Joe Jencks

Highway 4:48

There is a peacefulness I feel, in the heart of the night.
With the highway all my own, the city lights are gone out of sight.
Well I’m at one with all existence, the only time is here and now.
The past is dead and gone behind me, the futures out of reach somehow.

Highway take me for a ride,
these walls are closing in on me.
And I’ve got nowhere left to hide,
and there’s a world I long to see.

Highway show me where to go,
because I’ve got all night and day.
My restless spirit needs to know,
that somewhere there’s a better way.

There is a happiness I feel, as I walk my trail alone.
And though I walk with many others, we go into a great unknown.
Well all the road that lies before me, and all the places that I’ve seen.
All the friendships that surrounds me, and all the places in between.


Life’s not a destination; it’s a journey that we make.
From the moment we are born, through every breath we take.
Until that time we pass away and meet up in the sky,
we are bound to love each other here and help each other fly.



Lyrics & Music: Joe Jencks
© ℗ 1995 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music