Joe Jencks

Changing Seasons 4:06

I’ve always loved the winter; it gives meaning to the spring.
In the sights and sounds of summer days the earth teaches me to sing.
As the gentle shades of autumn blend in with the first snowfall,
I feel the rhythm of all life shines through like I hear the lone wolf call.


The colors of my life are like the changing of the seasons;
just when I grow tired it seems that new hope comes along.
When I get to feeling as if my life has no meaning,
you come to me always like the changing of the seasons.

The passing of an old friend makes way for someone new.
In this cycle I have learned the one thing I hold true:
I cannot live forever in the comfort of the past, f
or in the changing of life’s seasons is the only joy that lasts.


I try to run, I tried to fly, and find a better place.
All the while the joy of sunrise shined upon your face.
When my life moves too fast and I need a place to hide,
I turnaround to run and find you right there by my side.



Lyrics & Music: Joe Jencks/Turtle Bear Music

© 1995 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music