Joe Jencks

Wise Man 3:34

I tried to be a wise man at the age of 21.
Well, I’ve been playing by the rules.
I know it sounds cliché but I played the game of love,
I end up feeling like a fool.

Growing up a young man in the 90’s,
I tried to get in touch with my inner soul.
I tried to express all of my feelings,
I still feel empty when I once was whole.


I still can’t tell you why I feel so alone,
sometimes when I’m lying by your side.
And even if I told you everything that I feel,
all you’d want to do is run and hide.

They say the mark of one who is truly wise,
is knowing you can never really know everything.
I submitted myself to the higher educational mind.
I feel I have nothing left to show.


With all I’ve learned in school about how to communicate,
and express myself in a nonthreatening way.
I still can’t reconcile these feelings,
me wanting to go and you wanting me to stay.


I tried to be a wise man at the age of 21.


Lyrics & Music: Joe Jencks/Turtlebear Music
© ℗ 1995 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music