Joe Jencks

When I Was Young 3:46

Standing at the crossroads of the world I used to know,
and the road that lies before me, I do not know where to go.
The world was so much simpler when when I was only three or four,
and I had your arms to run to when the world closed every door.

When I was young you came to me, you held my hand then set me free.
And then you pick me up wherever I’d fall down again.
You tell me how to love and fear, and to respect the gentle tear
that falls down my cheek as I recall your loving ways.
Let me remember them until my dying day.

Saturday afternoon, underneath a greasy car,
doing all you could in your own way so that we could all go far.
From the Lakes of Minnesota to the Mississippi shore,
two weeks each summer we go riding on forever more.


They tell me that you’re gone, but I feel you here with me.
The sparkle in your eyes sometimes, I can almost see.



Lyrics & Music: Joe Jencks/Turtlebear Music
© ℗ 1995 Joe Jencks/Turtlebear Music