Joe Jencks

Lonely Common Ground 4:31

I wrote this song up in Ottawa. My buddy Iain Campbell Smith and I were on a short tour in Canada, and traveling with a friend and brother in song got me in the writing mood. It is a hard thing to be devoted to a marriage and a muse all at once. But it is the tension of the string that allows the kite to dance. Without it, the kite would fall to earth and crash in the trees. Thank you Lynn for your dedication to the journey. I am humbled by your perseverance and courage in all things. And I am nurtured by your love. Always.

Lying here beside you I don't know what to say
The distance between us grows with every passing day
We each must follow the song within our heart
But as we grow in destiny we also grow apart

Is there a way that we can be together
Is there still a common dream that can be found
Is there reason enough to keep on being faithful
When our loneliness becomes our common ground

Well I'm proud of your courage and all that you achieve
But every forward motion brings another chance to grieve
For the life I thought that we would live
For the passion we once knew
For the children we may never have
For one heart split into two

Well I know that it's me who does the leaving
Every time I head out on the road
And this is not a blaming song
And I'm not saying you are wrong
I'm only giving voice to what I feel
Beyond the need to judge or know just what is real

So I will reach out one more time
Again I give my hand
To build a bridge between the places where we stand
I cannot know the future but I can taste your tears
And the silence is more painful now than anything we fear

copyright 2007 Joe Jencks