Joe Jencks

Tikun Olam 3:30

My friends Charlie and Marilyn have welcomed me into their home and hearts time and again. Recently they invited me to give a concert at their synagogue. In honor of the event I was inspired to write a new song. Charlie put me onto an idea from Jewish mysticism that is summed up in the phrase Tikun (or Tikkun) Olam. Literally translated, it means Repair The World. The merging of transformative work with spiritual values is rooted deep in my heart. The idea that there is a Divine call to heal what is injured in the world rings true in my soul. Bakesh Shalom means Work For Peace. Thank you Charlie and Marilyn for the abiding support and for living what you believe. The word mensch is sometimes overused, but you two are vivid examples of what it really means. It is my honor to share the journey with you.

Tikun Olam
Tikun Olam
Tikun Olam  
Bakesh Shalom
(Repair the world and work for peace)

A tale is told of how the world was made in seven days
Six of them for work and one to rest and pray
Then God placed the holy light into a vessel made of clay
But it was shattered by our sin, and the pieces fell away

Why was God so careless as to lose the sacred light
Now we must gather up the shards to set creation right
It's a task we may not finish but we each must lend our hands
As we love through imperfections and we heal our broken lands

And so we tend the garden, picking stones and pulling weeds
We water with compassion the fragile sacred seed
We are partners in creation and we let God's true light shine
When by faith and solidarity we show our love divine

copyright 2007 Joe Jencks