Joe Jencks

The Turtle 4:07

After my eldest brother Jerry died, I quit writing for almost a year. It just hurt too much. I nearly quit playing except for professional engagements. Then this song showed up. The turtle has long been a personal symbol.  And like the story about the tortoise and the hare, I have always had faith that methodically putting one foot in front of the other would bring me to my destination. But if the destination is not the goal, rather the enjoyment of the journey, then the turtle does it best… taking its sweet time to notice the path on which the foot treads. And the roses… and the people…  and…

Well the turtle lays a hundred eggs so a dozen might survive
To wade across that sand and finally reach that sea alive
And haunted by the memory of those fallen by my side
I keep reaching for that water go headlong into the tide

Headlong into the tide
Headlong into the tide

As we wander toward our destiny with a shell of guilt and shame
As we contemplate our burdens and consider who's to blame
In the face of such absurdity we can only laugh and cry
And the cycle just continues as we breathe and grow and die

As we breathe and grow and die
Breathe and grow and die

And for what is it we sacrifice and for what is it we gain
If we mistake for knowledge what is only fear and pain
In the shades of disappointment shades of sorrow shades of grey
If we trade our love for anger then we trade our lives away

Yes we trade our lives away
Trade our lives away

Well then isn't it ironic I have nothing left to say
After all the distance I have come to be with you today
I knew there would be sacrifice I knew it from the start
But now there's no dream big enough to hold my broken heart

To hold my broken heart
Hold my broken heart

copyright 2007 Joe Jencks