Joe Jencks

Gasoline 5:18

This was the third song that stemmed from my retreat in California a few years back. I was driving down the mountain pondering the great conversations, and I remembered a blues riff I started about ten years earlier and abandoned. It just said the word "gasoline" over and over again. What a gritty word. Great to sing! So I took an old song idea and new inspiration and came up with this. Thanks to Megan for your insistence that hope and laughter will win the day!

You know the man has got a problem
It's not right and it's not fair
A petroleum addiction
Drinking up more than his share
Get that man up to a meeting
Help him find his higher power
You know sunshine wind and water
Will be the savior of the hour

Gasoline Gasoline
Gone and made the whole world mean
The way we use it is obscene (All this killing is obscene)
Gasoline Gasoline

Making wars out in the desert
Because there's oil in their sand
Instead of bombing them to pieces
You think we'd try to understand
That it's time to stop the killing
Does not matter what it's for
Lay our burdens by the river
Study fossil fuels no more

Gasoline Gasoline
Gone and made the whole world mean
All this killing is obscene
Gasoline Gasoline

This old world will keep on spinning
No matter what we choose to do
But if we want to keep on living
On this planet green and blue
There's an alternative solution
To this problem that we face
What is hanging in the balance
Is the future of the human race

copyright 2007 Joe Jencks