Joe Jencks

Fireflies  3:21

It was in the front yard of the house at 721 Garfield Ave. that I first discovered the joy of fireflies. I remember so many summer nights where the end of the evening consisted of pursuing these enchanting creatures and placing them in a makeshift Mason jar terrarium. They kept me company as I sadly relinquished the pleasures of the day and drifted off to sleep. Then I would liberate them to their natural environment the next morning, and start over. So too… our time together with this record has been a process of reaching for the elusive, finding pleasure in the process, and celebrating the many sources of light in our lives. I hope you have enjoyed it!

The lightning strikes the thunder roars
There's a rumble in the distance
Love calls even when I am afraid
I feel it knock on my resistance

I still believe there are lights that shine
No matter what obscures my point of view
If I can't see the stars from where I stand
I guess the fireflies will have to do

How I wish my life were simple
Like when I was a child long ago
My sense of wonder could be held within a mason jar
And I was cradled in their glow

One by one I capture my dreams
And try to hold them in my hand
But it seems they always slip away
Through the hour glass falling sand

As I sit here on this warm Virginia night
Searching for a sign that's true
Tiny beacons flicker in the darkness
They tell me that this storm will pass on through
© 2008 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP