Joe Jencks

Turning Lead Into Gold  3:33

Mark Spittal was a man who spoke with the voice of the prophets. His songwriting style had a huge influence on me, as did his generosity as a friend. He was seminal to the Seattle folk scene when I moved there in 1994. He was quick with a laugh and was always willing to bring some young songwriter into the spotlight. He was one of my truest friends in Seattle, and I was deeply affected by his untimely passing in 1999. I vowed to keep his music alive. Mark never had a chance to record this powerful piece, and it brings me great pleasure to transport one of his lost treasures back into the light.

Once again you come to me
Once again you cry
And talk to me of someone
Who could not look you in the eye
Well I must be honest
And tell you I am not surprised
This is what happens
When you see only with your eyes

Trying to turn lead into gold
You find yourself alone
With nothing left to hold
Standing there out in the cold
When you try to turn lead into gold

Illusions are attractive
And many are the times
When your mind will fool you
And you'll act as if your heart were blind
But there comes a moment
Where deep inside you know
There is truth to the statement
You will reap what you sow

Trying to turn lead into gold
It doesn't really matter if you're
Gentle or you're bold
One holds you down the other lifts up your soul
When you try to turn lead into gold

I've grown tired of listening
To those who cannot see
The difference between the darkness
And the light we all can be
When you embrace the madness
How can you be surprised
When again and again and again
You are seduced by it's lies
© 1996 Mark Spittal