Joe Jencks

Late September Moon  5:20

For 15 years, this song has been in the archives begging to get out. As long as I was reaching into the past for some of the covers on this disc, I thought I would bring forward some vintage Joe Jencks. As I listen to the song now, I marvel that it collected dust for so many years. Recording this song felt like sending a hopeful message back in time to a despondent young man and assuring him that it all works out in the end. To every thing a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…

Between the early autumn moon
And the late September sunset
The wind comes calling like a loon
Over the north rim of the canyon
As we sing our lovers tune
In the days last dying embers
We know we must leave here soon
Only the Mesa Top remembers

You and I in the late September moon
The world stood still while we played
If I had to do it over, I would do it that same way
You and I in the late September moon

We were two days out of Denver
We were learning to be free
Westward journey toward the California coast
Just to see what we could see
Took some time along the shore
In the days last dying embers
Pledged our love forever more
Only the lonely beach remembers

As we head into the mountains
Like so many times before
Just bathe in purest sunlight
And to watch the Eagles soar
We hold hands and then embrace
In the days last dying embers
We will make love one last time
Only the mountainside remembers

© 1996, 2009 Joe Jencks Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP