Joe Jencks

I Don't Want to Hear Your Voice Today

I heard God's voice call to me in the plight of a homeless man.  I was angry that God would ask more of me when I felt so burdened already.  This song is a bit of brutal honesty.  Sometimes the intersection between my own despair and my desire to be compassionate to others is a difficult one.

Going through the motions
Going through my day
Looking for a reason
Trying to find a way
To step out of this prison
I have built here for myself
All I really need to do
Is come to you for help

I don't want to hear your voice today
I don't want to hear your voice today
I'm tired and I'm hungry
Feeling beat up and abused
I don't want to hear your voice today

Sometimes the walls I build are thick
Sometimes they are thin
Sometimes built of ignorance
Sometimes built of sin
Always built of shame and pain
I carry deep inside
Built of all the many ways, I use to try and hide

So I'm looking for an answer
Looking for a sign
There's a gentle voice within my heart
I know that it's not mine
Will I turn away again
Or will I heed the call
Can you help me find the faith enough
To love without these walls
Words and Music © 2004 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music