Joe Jencks

Union Miner

If you want to make more money

Down in that dark coal mine

Get together, make things better

Come and join our line

Union miner

Down there with the dust and danger

Digging like a mole

Look out when you hear them shouting

“Fire in the hole”

Union miner

How’d you like to make your living

Where the sun don’t shine

Wouldn’t send my dog to work

Down in that doghole mine

Union miner

My brother worked for 40 years

But died when he was young

Twelve years old when he first started

Dancing with black lung

Union miner

If the sun should shine at midnight

I would never know

It’s as black as the company’s heart

Down in that 30-inch coal

Union miner

They have got the mines and money

But we’ve got the right

Bringing the union back to Harlan

Join our line tonight

Union miner
© Si Kahn, Joe Hill Music ASCAP