Joe Jencks

The Coming of the Years (4:02)

When I first came to wander these mountains

My heart was tattered and torn

Ever the rover, and all the world over

No land ever felt like a home

But here in the crags and bogs and the valleys

I found some measure of ease

Where the song of the wind is as sweet to behold

As the beautiful Rose of Tralee

And it’s high up and over the mountains of Kerry

That I love so dear

I don’t know when, I will see you again

In the coming of the years

Now I have been blessed to live a good life

I can count my friends by the score

And I have shared many meals and moments of kindness

God willing I’ll know many more

But when the burden I’ve chosen to shoulder

Is more than I can stand

I find that my thoughts wander back up to Kerry

That rugged and beautiful land

When I have traveled all of my journeys

And sung all of my songs

When I have given the best that I have

And righted most of my wrongs

Then take me back to the place that I love

Let me gaze out over the sea

Take me back to the mountains of Kerry

And let my spirit run free

I don’t know when but I’ll see you again

In the coming of the years

© 2015 & 2022, Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music ASCAP