Joe Jencks

Children of Trochenbrod

Who can ever know or say

What makes a heart go blind

What paves the road to hatred

Or what shadows fill the mind

What voice cries out in memories

What sacred words unspoken

Demand each generation

Try to heal what has been broken?

From the heart of a wilderness

By the labor of their hands

The People built this town

Row by row they plowed the land

Friday night by candlelight

The ancient prayers were read

Celebrating Shabbos

Singing songs and breaking bread


We remember

We remember

We are the children of Trochenbrod

There were whispers on the wind

In nineteen forty one

That the war would come to Trochenbrod

But there was nowhere left to run

Rumors of the camps came in

With refugees each day

They were trying to find safety

And stay out of history’s way

In August nineteen forty two

Trochenbrod stood brave

Hitler’s army gave them shovels

They were forced to dig their graves

Soldiers lined them up like bottles

And they did not waste a round

Not a single soul was spared

Five thousand lifeless on the ground

Then the Nazis stole the paving stones

And filled in every well

Then they took a torch to Eden

And they turned it into hell

There was nothing left but ash

They planted trees to hide their shame

Though wicked men tried to erase it

We know this place has a name!

All the children of Trochenbrod

Anachnu kol b’nei Trochenbrod (Hebrew)

Mir zeinen alle die kinder fon Trochenbrod (Yiddish)

Todas es criances de Trochenbrod (Brazilian Portuguese)

And we remember!
© 2009, 2017 - Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP