Joe Jencks

All I Want is a Garden  4:41

My father was a soldier
He went off to the war
Whatever childhood dreams he had
They were gone forever more
The solace and the meaning
That he found within his life
Were his faith his home his family
And his one true loving wife

All I want is a garden
To make the flowers grow
All I want is you beside me
In the gentle evening glow
I all I want is a peaceful place
Where I can lay my head
And when the weary night embraces
To lay beside you in our bed

Now I'm a road musician
And I wouldn't trade a day
I've spent running down my dreams
And making friends along the way
Now and then I get to thinking
Daddy had it right
You just give every thing you have to love
And hold on to the light

So when my life is over
Don't carry me away
For I've spent my whole life traveling
And it's here I want to stay
Just open up the earth
And lay my body down below
And sing a song of heaven
A song to send me home
© Joe Jencks (Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP)