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Broken Foot, Thank God the Hands Are FINE!

Dear Friends,

Wow! September and October have been more exciting than anticipated. I had some great shows out east, playing with friends Pat Wictor, Jon Carroll, and I had a fun night close to home with road buddy, Randall Williams

But, I also broke my left foot. It was an accident (sober to be sure) involving a staircase. The last few weeks have been spent on the couch, with my foot propped up and iced, trying to stay on top of the work. It has been a tough month. Learning how to do the simplest of tasks like grocery shopping and laundry, with a bum leg, is a wild thing. It was amazing to see how instantly disappeared I was in a grocery store riding in a wheel chair. I hope to post some more extensive thoughts on my foray into less-than-able-body-hood. As a result of the injury I have found myself a bit low in spirit. If you are inclined, please do send a note and let me know what the music means to you. I could use a little reminder right now. Thanks!

The night after I busted my left foot, Lynn wrapped a bandage around the left foot of one of our teddy bears and left it on my pillow. It was very sweet. The bears name is Judy, and she is keeping me company right now!

In fun news, my friends Heather and Benjy Wertheimer (Shantala) just came out with a new live double disc recording of Kirtan music called LIVE In Love I am especially delighted about the release of this project as I am singing a bunch of harmonies on the record. We had a marathon session last December in Portland, OR. The result is a disc that is an honor to be a part of.

Which leads me to another bit of news. Some time in early 2009, I will be releasing a project called "Side Man." It will be a compilation disc of music that I have been a side player or singer on. Many of the songs will feature vocal arrangements I have done for other fellow artists including Shantala, Pat Wictor, Elisa Korenne, Charlie Bernhardt, and others. And best of all, it helps share the work of musicians I adore with my friends and fans. I also am making plans for a new Joe Jencks CD in the spring of 2009. Stay tuned for more info.

Last but not least, I have some amazing shows coming up this month in MO, KS, CO and IL. Several dates will be shared with my dear friend Iain Campbell Smith, from Australia. Please surf on over to the tour dates section for more information.

As always, thanks for your continued support and encouragement. It is a marvelous journey, especially when it is shared with friends!

In Gratitude and Song…

Broken Foot Thank God the Hands Are FINE

This has nothing to do with my tour this fall, but in honor of my time in Ireland last October, I thought I would post it. This is on the west coast of Ireland.