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10-23-07 - Ireland is Great, New song etc.

102307  Ireland is Great New song etc
Hey All,

This is going to be a short entry. Internet access is limited, and far between here in Western Ireland. But man is it gorgeous! We have been all over County Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo. We are in the hill country of Galway, and in Connemara region. AMAZING!. Lots of stone cottages, thatched roofs... cool old fishing boats, churches... churches.... did I mention the churches?

I can't believe how fast this time is going by. Jameson is definately the drink of Ireland. And Guinness. The wait staff do look at you funny when you ask for water. I have been drinking a good bit of tea in the pubs as well. I have been accused of blasphemy, but I notice that many of the local musicians also drink coffee or tea when working, so I feel in good company.

I am meeting fantastic people, and getting some really great photos. I love the new digital camera and the new digital recorder. I caught some great sessions.

That's all for now. The official tour is over in a few days and my friend Melanie and I head for Dublin. We will also go to Athy and see where my Granddad grew up. I cut turf today !!! It was cool. Squishy.

I will try to get more photo's up soon.

Love to all!