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Joe Jencks Heads to Ontario!

Howdy Folks!

Just a quick note today... the road calls...

I am delighted to be returning to Canada this weekend for a couple of concerts. I love being in Canada... because for the last eight years it has been a refuge of slightly more sane social and political process. Any time people ask me if I am Canadian, I always smile and thank them for the compliment. When I was on tour in Ireland last year, I was accused of being Canadian several times. I always felt like I was getting away with something. But then one poor Polish man was sure I was a Dubliner, and was sort of sour with me for not giving him directions. I had to show him my passport to assure him I was an American, and not just being mean. I think he still felt like I was yanking his chain somehow. Poor bloke.

It's not that I don't like being American... but it has been tough the last eight years to hold my head high and defend to my international neighbors and friends the peculiar behavior of my home nation. But now, with Obama holding the reins, for the first time in a long time, I enter Canada, proud of my own country! What a marvelous feeling.

Shows this weekend in (click on Tour Dates for full info):

Markdale, ON - Mapleview House Concerts (Saturday)
Toronto, ON - The Flying Cloud Folk Club (Sunday)
Toronto, ON - Acoustic Workshop (Monday) LIVE Radio broadcast from CIUT-FM 89.5

This interview and performance will also stream LIVE on the web: (7:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM Central)

As always... I am looking forward to the music, the company, and doing some thrift store shopping in the area. Canadian thrift stores are the best! All of my favorite shirts came second-hand from the closets of very tasteful northern neighbors. Much obliged.

Also... look for postings soon about:

* A NEW Joe Jencks CD (In the works!!! - and accepting pre-orders :-)
* A Children's Book Project (Adapting Joe's song Adonde Pertenezco into a kids book)
* A busy spring tour schedule
* Joe's performance at the Kerrville Folk Festival in late May

Peace and Safe journey's to all!!!