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On The Road Again!

On The Road Again

Joe in the "new" 1978 Fiat 124 Sport. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And it's even Green. Photo by Melody Burton.

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Dear Friends in Music,

I am excited to be hitting the road again, cautiously but with earnest enthusiasm!
After nearly 18 months since my last concert tour, I am out the door today for several weeks of travel in which I will give live performances, lead workshops, and celebrate community in whatever ways feel right and safe to folks.

The music kicks off this weekend with two LIVE shows on Saturday August 7th at the legendary Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY. 3:00 PM ET Little Folks Show, and 8:00 PM ET full concert. Both events will also be broadcast (thease are my only broadcast performances for the month of August). So please tune in, even if you are not in the region or cannot attend in person. Caffe Lena and I have cultivated a solid partnership, and for both of our sakes I would LOVE to see this be another smash success. Caffe Lena hosted me twice during the pandemic for broadcast only shows. They were immensely successful on so many levels, especially helping us all feel connected across the miles and isolation. And, it will be joyous to play again in that magical space for a live audience again. Many thanks to Sarah Craig and all of the crew at Caffe Lena for some amazing and agile work over the last 18 months.

In the coming days, weeks, and months I will also be in Middleburgh, NY; Sacco, ME; New Haven, CT; Springfield, MA; and Harwich, MA; Sewickley/Pittsburgh, PA (for CindyStock Music Festival); And I will be leading workshops for TradMad Music Week at the Pinewoods Camp near Plymouth, MA. Covid precautions depending, I am scheduled to spend time in WA, MD, VA, TX, NC, SC, NJ, MA, RI and NY again all before the end of the year. Please visit for more details and updates. On the road again!

On August 8th and 11th, my monthly radio show My Highway Home will broadcast on Folk Music Notebook My guest this month is the inimitable Peggy Seeger. I was delighted to have a marvelous conversation with her earlier this summer. The show will air at 6:00 PM ET & 11:00 PM ET on Sunday the 8th and again at 12 Noon ET on Wednesday August 11th. Please adjust for your specific time zone. And tune in for some marvelous conversation with Peggy and some great new music from her latest album First Farewell, along with some cherished gems from her repertoire.

Last but not least, sometimes the universe conspires to make dreams come true. I have loved vintage vehicles my whole life. It is a geeky side of my mind that very few people know about. And as a working musician devoted to my craft, I have always channeled all of my resources back into instruments, microphones, recordings, road gear, and other needed things for my musical career and artistic evolution. But every once in a while one must say yes to wonder, inspiration, and joy in any form in which it arrives. I am now the proud co-owner of a 1978 Fiat 124 Sport (photo above and below). My dear friend Jeremy Burton & his wife Melody offered it at a price that even a Folksinger could navigate, and my sweetie offered to go in on the magic with me. And as I drove last evening on county roads through the cornfields of northern Illinois, I was in a state of absolutely joyous serenity. Top down, wind in my hair, and the wonder of an old dream finally fulfilled. Sure, it will take some TLC ongoing. And that too is part of the Zen of the whole process. But without a doubt, it's a dark forest green meditation machine. And yes, I have ALREADY written the first song about this fabulous ride! I will sing it this Saturday from Caffe Lena.

I hope you are well. I hope you are staying safe. And I hope you are also reengaging your life in all the ways that you are able. Caution is always advised, but we also need hope. For me, live music is an essential part of that hope. And I am glad to be back on the road. Please be prepared to show a vaccination card for many of the venues where I will be playing, and also bring a face covering as needed. But do come out and be nourished by the music. Or tune in online. But please let what I have to give be something that helps you along. It is my greatest hope that the music continues to bring you joy, solace, wonder, and connection.

In Gratitude and Song,

~ Joe Jencks


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