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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year!

2017 was a remarkable year in so many ways... ups and downs together. And... as we get used to writing and typing 2018 on all forms that require a date... I womder, what the next trip around the Sun will bring?

I know that many people are fond of New Year's resolutions. I've not been so much about the resolution as the consideration of how to live in a fashion that is more sustainable and healthy. Yes, that does include ponderances about what I would like to do better or differently or not at all. But it always comes in the form of movements in one direction and then another - not unlike the sailboats in this picture. The trick is always in how to harness the wind / life energy flowing from one specific direction and allow it to propell me in any direction. That usually involves a lot of back and forth and zig-zags. Tacking, as it is called in sailing. And for all of the back and forth I do, it never ceases to amaze me that when I look in my wake - the general trail is surprisingly linear, even when it feeels like I have been all over the map!

And so... while I am not making resolutions, I will say that I'd like to spend more time in the Puget Sound region in 2018, where I took this picture. And that I will continue to seek health and sustainability in all my creative, professional, and personal endeavors. I wish the same for you!

In Other news - My 2017 release: Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers made the Top 10 list for a couple dozen radio programs and stations around North America - including The Midnight Special (Rich Warren - WFMT-Chicago) Traditions (Ron Olesko - WFDU-NJ) and Sing Out Magizine. The CD was the #3 for the whole of 2017 on Folk DJ (Richard Gillman) - and garnered #2 song for 2017 (Let Me Sing You A Song). It also spent nearly 8 weeks as the #1 CD on Sirius XM Radio's Americana Chart (MaruSue Twohy).

I am grateful to the many DJs and fans who helpd this CD travel across the airwaves and into the collective Folk consciousness.

Last but not least - I am excited to annnounce that I will be releasing a new CD in the 1st Quarter of 2018. The disc is titled:
Joe Jencks - The Forgotten: Recovered Treasures From the Pen of Si Kahn

Stay tuned for more info on that in the next week!

In Gratitude & Song...