Joe Jencks

The Coming Of The Years

cover of The Coming Of The Years

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released 2022   Turtle Bear Music

(c) 2022 Joe Jencks/Turtle Bear Music

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Joe Jencks: Vocals, Electric Bouzouki, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bouzouki
Hanz Araki: Flutes & Whistles
Lissa Schneckenburger: Fiddle
Shannon Lambert-Ryan: Harmony Vocals
John Roberts: English Concertina
Cheryl Prashker: Bodhran & Snare

Recorded by: Joe Jencks - Sanctuary Studio, DeKalb, IL
Additional tracks recorded on location in ME, VT, MD and NY by: Joe Jencks
Additional tracks recorded on location by: Fionán de Barra and Cheryl Prashker

Mixed by: Charlie Pilzer – Tonal Park, Takoma Park, MD
Mastered by: Randy LeRoy – Tonal Park, Takoma Park, MD

Graphic Design: Tony Wedick
Primary Photography: Bunny Moreau
Photo & Art Consulting: Jayne Toohey
Ireland Photography: Joe Jencks
Duplication: Andrew Ratshin, NW Disks
Tour Support, PR, Media & Radio: Anna Ratliff

Produced by: Joe Jencks


“Gorgeous! Wherever you come from and wherever you're going, you will find yourself in the songs on Joe Jencks' The Coming of the Years. It's a page-turner of a concept album that pulls the listener through generations of the immigrant experience and extends musical hands and hearts across the ocean. Throughout, Jencks' timeless voice is deep, warm and sweet, but never saccharine. Top-shelf accompaniment and harmonies limn every detail. His new songs align perfectly with the ancient and the familiar to spin a wholly satisfying saga.” ~ Marilyn Rea Beyer - Host, The Midnight Special, WFMT - Chicago, IL

“A great album! With loved ones remembered at every turn, this album is a personal one for Jencks, and one of his best. And with that knowledge, you may expect maudlin. Instead, The Coming of the Years offers a deeper dive than sorrow, profoundly connecting to a rich, complicated and healing river of love. Each of these songs holds a unique key with the power to unlock even the most recessed truth. Held in Joe Jencks’s care and undeniable talent - this set of songs and arrangements are fully realized, freeing Jencks to embody century-old laments and deftly carry forward contemporary sounds of his own. ” ~ MarySue Twohy, Program Director, SiriusXM

“With his meticulous care, craftmanship and exquisite sensitivity, Joe Jencks has once again blessed us with a thoughtful and stunningly beautiful collection. Themed from the shaping of his own heritage, Joe in his typically generous way encourages each of us to explore and reflect on where we’ve come from. Haunting, melancholy, hopeful and heartfelt all at once, Joe’s gorgeous baritone brings new perspective to the traditional, honour and homage to those written by others, and breathes life to his originals. Goes wonderfully with either a quiet cuppa or a wee dram.” ~ Suze Casey, Artistic Director, Calgary Folk Club

“In a dark and frequently shallow time, how refreshing to hear a man willing to wear his heart on his sleeve. How refreshing to hear someone sing with passion about matters which are not directly related to HIM. A man with a golden voice, who has a great feeling for history, and the role that songs play in documenting that history. The Coming of the Years, by Joe Jencks is a gorgeous record. His reading of City of Chicago is moving to me, and I thank him for it.” ~ Luka Bloom, Singer-Songwriter

"A lovely salute to Joe's Irish heritage!" ~ Sonny Ochs, WIOX - Roxbury, NY

“Interspersing his own songs inspired by visits to Ireland to explore his heritage with carefully chosen covers and traditional pieces, Joe Jencks weaves a tapestry of love, immigration, history, and Irish pride. The instrumental arrangements support the vocals tenderly, giving Jencks' deep warm voice space to bring the lyrics to the fore. The Coming of the Years is an audio treat and a history lesson.” ~ Paul Hartman, Host of "Detour” WTMD - Baltimore, Founder - Dirty Linen Magazine

“With The Coming of the Years, Joe Jencks takes us on a journey outward to the lands he loves, and inward into his own identity as an American, and Irishman, and a songwriter. A strong theme of the album is change, the sense that no place or feeling ever stays the same. Change also shows in Jencks’ instrumentation on the album, with this being his first release to feature the electric bouzouki. Jencks also continues to show his strong support for workers and a commitment to social justice. I applaud Joe Jencks for evolving his sound and songwriting with this latest release, while still remaining true to those themes and ideals most important to him.” ~ Spencer Tritt, Multimedia Producer, WNIJ (NPR) & Host - Sessions from Studio A

"The Coming of the Years, is more than an exceptional listening experience of songs influenced by Joe Jencks’ Celtic heritage. Led by Joe's warm, rich vocals, and enhanced by superb musical guests, you'll feel wonderfully immersed in time and place. This is a gem of a recording, and a 'must-have' for everyone's folk library!” ~ Lilli Kuzma, host of "Folk Festival" on WDCB Public Radio

“Jencks is living his heritage, and the picture he paints of his dual American/Irish citizenship is matched by his deep and rich baritone and a mastery of the guitar. Jencks’ Ireland is one of poets and artists. Whiskey is a sacrament, not a poison, and he is an ambassador whose combination of originals and covers had me thinking that my high school and college history lessons on Ireland were as whitewashed as that of slavery in the United States.” ~ Don Wilcock, Nippertown Albany, NY

“Although Joe Jenck's new album The Coming of the Years was inspired by an examination of his own Irish-American heritage, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation for your own roots, wherever they were established. Joe has composed and collected songs that take us on a journey through the lives of those who came before us, instilling pride in what they accomplished and inspiring us to carry on their dreams. Through his own rich voice and vision, Joe Jencks, takes us to places in our very own hearts and souls that were long overdue for a visit. The Coming of the Years is a welcome trip. ~ Ron Olesko, Founder - Folk Music Notebook, Host of “Traditions” WFDU, Teaneck, NJ

“Joe Jencks' new album, The Coming Of The Years, is beautifully produced and puts Joe's voice and songwriting front and center, right where they belong. The songs tell stories of love for the land, the hardships of living in Ireland, and emigration. I'll be listening to this album for a long time to come.” ~ Joe Angel - Random Routes, KEOS, College Station, TX

“A deeply personal, heartfelt work. A testament to the struggles and hopes of the Irish people, and Joe’s growing connection to his roots. The well-thought-out combination of Joe’s original songs, traditional songs, and covers, makes for a unique and very moving listening experience!” ~ Graham and Barbara Dean, Common Sense Songs - WBCR, Great Barrington, MA

“This album is wonderful. There is something special about Joe Jencks' songs about immigration and his Irish heritage. And here is an entire album of such songs. Yet this album is not just about the Irish experience. Jencks' rich voice and the spare instrumentations give the songs a universal relevance. This is a powerful and heartfelt body of work that will occupy a favored spot in our listening rotation.” ~ Celene and Geof Lyon - Old Sloop Concerts - Rockport, MA


The Forgotten

Recovered Treasures from the Pen of Si Kahn

cover of The Forgotten

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released 2018   Turtle Bear Music

(c) 2018 Joe Jencks/Turtle Bear Music

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Produced by Ken Whiteley
Engineered by Nicholas Tjelios
Arranged by Joe Jencks & Ken Whitely
Recorded & Mixed at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto, ON
Original Cover Art: Ricardo Levins Morales (RLM Arts)
Graphic Design: Tony Wedick
Publicity & Media Relations: Anna Ratliff
Duplication: Andrew Ratshin, NW Disks

Joe Jencks: Lead & Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki
Cindy Church: Harmony Vocals (Tracks 2,4,6,12)
Gary Craig: Drums & Percussion
Andrew Downing: Cello
Frank Evans: Banjo
Amoy Levy: Harmony Vocals (Tracks 1,3,5,7,11)
Ciceal Levy: Harmony Vocals (Tracks 1,3,5,7,11)
John Showman: Violin
Ben Whiteley: Upright Bass
Ken Whiteley: Mandolin, Piano, Hammond Organ, Vibraphone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Accordion, Vocals
Choir: Frank Evans, Eve Goldberg, Joe Jencks, Jane Lewis, Ken Whitely, Len Udow

Poets, Philosophers, Workers, & Wanderers

cover of Poets, Philosophers, Workers, & Wanderers

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released 2017   Turtle Bear Music

(c) (p) 2017, Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP - except where otherwise noted.

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  1. Let Me Sing You A Song (4:34)
  2. Let It Rain(5:11)
  3. The Lady Juliana(5:33)
  4. Best of Friends (4:11)
  5. Going Home (5:50)
  6. Wheelbarrow Johnny (7:55)
  7. One Piece At A Time (4:59)
  8. Children of Trochenbrod (4:30)
  9. Longest Night of The Year (4:39)
  10. Solidarity Forever (4:27)
  11. Hands (5:52)
  12. Alice-Anne (4:00)
  13. Given Myself To Love (4:31)
  14. Mercy (3:09)
  15. Everybody Sings The Blues (4:20)

Advance Reviews:

“If one can master a craft after investing 10,000 hours, Joe Jencks’ hours are showing! I am literally stunned by this new album. Poets, Philosopher, Workers & Wanders tells our stories, his story, and the untold stories, as an American folk master can - with heart and unfettered perfection. Add this one to the folk canon! ”
~ MarySue Twohy, SIRIUS XM Radio – The Village / The Bridge

Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers -is absolutely Joe Jencks’ finest effort thus far. Jencks’ captivating tenor voice, lofted by flawless production, demonstrates music of conscience and provides a feast for the ear as well as nourishment for the soul.”
~ Rich Warren, The Midnight Special – WFMT, Chicago, IL

"Beyond the fine selection of songs and the talented team assembled in the studio, what really shines through on Joe Jencks' new album are his resonant, honey-rich voice, his open-hearted humanity, and his commitment to social justice. We need artists who inspire our better selves more than ever, don't we?"
~ John Platt , Sunday Supper, WFUV, New York, NY

“Joe Jencks brings us moving and stunning songs of hope, redemption, connection and remembrance. Sung with passion and delivered in his rich tenor voice, the songs on Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers are a balm for the times.”
~ Laurie DesJardins – KVMR, Nevada City, CA

“Climb inside the songs of Joe Jencks, and you meet real people. His lilting melodies and warm, caramel tenor draw us closer to the stories he tells. Jencks finds the humanness that binds us to the people in his songs!”

~ Scott Alarik - author of Revival: A Folk Music Novel and host of Folk Tales, WUMB, Boston, MA

“Just an absolutely superb work by Joe Jencks on this new album. Smart. Joe’s about as intelligent a songwriter as there is out there. His songs are smart! Everything is extremely well crafted. From coal mines to the killing fields of 1940’s Germany, Joe’s images evoke interest and compassion. As I listen, I can’t wait for the nest song!! Highly recommended!"~ Steve Brockway - The Folk Show, KRFC - Fort Collins, CO

“You can expect many a gifted artist to move you deeply, but Joe Jencks will change who you are.”
~ Angela Page – WJFF, Radio Catskill, Jefferson, NY

“What a pleasure to hear such an incredible voice wrapped around such well written, socially conscientious songs. Well done!”
~ Sonny Ochs, WIOX, Roxbury, NY

"Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers is an emotional powerhouse. Joe Jencks provides us with much needed inspiration and hope and reminds us what "love" is really all about."
~Ron Olesdko, WFDU, Teaneck, NJ

Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers solidifies Joe Jencks’ place as one of Folk music’s most eloquent voices for social justice. Joe has put together a wonderful collection of original and cover-songs that speak to those who are concerned about the greater good, songs that touch the heart and strengthen the resolve. A real winner!” ~Jan Vanderhorst - Just Us Folk, 1380 CKPC - Brantford, Ontario

"Joe Jencks has created an exquisite musical journey, using his insightful writing as a vehicle and his extraordinary voice as the guide. The songs touch on a variety of poignant topics, and they're expertly arranged, allowing listeners to get the full effect. Truly a work of the heart."
~ Wanda Fischer - The Hudson River Sampler, WAMC-FM, Albany, NY

"It's rare to receive an album where every track is air-worthy, but that is definitely the case with "Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers." In all aspects it is truly a work of art." ~ Jim Rogers - FolkTime - WIUP FM, Indiana, PA

Produced by: Joe Jencks and Charlie Pilzer

Recorded by: Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park, MD

Mixed by Charlie Pilzer, Airshow Mastering

Mastered by Charlie Pilzer & Randy LeRoy, Airshow Mastering

Mobile Recording (Percussion, Harmonies, & Horns) by: Joe Jencks

Additional Harmonies recorded by John Abbey at Kingsize Sound Labs, Chicago, IL

Bass Recorded by: Jim Robeson

Production Consultant: Paul Mills

Art, Calligraphy, and Graphic Design: Moki Kokoris & Leslie Lee

Photography: Jayne Toohey – 2EPhoto

Publicity & Media Relations: Anna Ratliff

Radio Support: Lisa Grey, Blue River Promotions

Duplication: Andrew Ratshin - NW Discs


Joe Jencks – Vocals, Bouzouki (Bayard), Guitar (Goodall)

Jon Carroll – Piano, Accordion

Jim Robeson – Electric Bass (Upright & Fretted)

Cheryl Prashker – Percussion

Harpeth Rising: Jordana Greenberg – Violin, Vocals

Maria Di Meglio - Cello, Vocals

Rebecca Reed-Lunn - Banjo, Vocals

Ysaye Barnwell – Vocals

Tret Fure – Vocals

Edie Carey – Vocals

Heather Styka - Vocals

Reggie Harris – Vocals

Charlie Bernhardt - Vocals

Cathy Fink – Banjo

Grace Jencks – French Horn

Charlie Pilzer – Acoustic Upright Bass

David Glaser – Mandolin

Weights & Wings

cover of Weights & Wings

released 2016   Brother Sun Music

2016 Brother Sun Music

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The songs on Weights and Wings represent the evolution the group and its members have undergone. This is Brother Sun’s most emotionally immediate and musically diverse work yet, and it affirms the power of song to accompany each of us from grief and loss into new worlds of possibility, light and promise. Ranging from gospel and blues-inflected grooves through delicate ballads, with playful dips into zydeco and jazzy a cappella, the ensemble’s muscular and precise harmonies provide the optimism and uplift in every song. The CD’s instrumentation, creating textures from introspectively etheral to rocking and gritty, is rounded out by guest musicians Jon Carroll on piano, organ, and accordion, Chico Huff on bass, and Matt Scarano on drums and percussion.
Produced by Brother Sun
Engineered and Mixed by Dave Schonauer at Morning Star Studios, East Norriton, PA
Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park, MD
Additional Recording by Glenn Barratt at Morning Star Studios, East Norriton, PA
Pat Wictor - vocals, guitars (slide, electric, acoustic)
Joe Jencks - vocals, bouzouki, guitar
Greg Greenway - vocals, guitar, piano
Additional Musicians
Chico Huff - bass
Matt Scarano - drums and percussion
Jon Carroll - organ, piano
Graphic Design - Leslie Lee
Photography - Jayne Toohey
Duplication - Andrew Ratshin at Northwest Disks
Booking - David tamulevich, Tamulevich Artist Management
Radio - Lisa Grey, Blue River Promotions
PR & Media Relations - Anna Ratliff

Executive Producers - Sonny Ochs, Paul Wilczynski and Joan Brasier
The 500 Club - Phil Terry and Lisa Dombrow, Ginger Long

Some Part of The Truth

cover of Some Part of The Truth

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released 2013   Brother Sun Music


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Brother Sun's sophmore album. Joe Jencks, Pat Wictor and Greg Greenway take us on an evocative and vivid journey through America's cities and heartlands, where unsung heroes struggle and sometimes win the daily battles of life and love.
Produced by Ben Wisch
Co-Produced by Brother Sun
Engineered & Mixed by Ben Wisch at Bailey Building & Load, Ridgewood, NJ
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park, MD
Additional Recording:
Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park, MD by Charlie Pilzer *Piano Tracks (St. Christopher, These Hands, True)
Fox Run Studios, Sudbury, MA by Neale Eckstein *Additioanl Vocals & Banjo (I Ain't Got No Home)

Joe Jencks - Vocals, bouzouki, guitar & banjo
Greg Greenway - vocals, guitar, piano & ukulele
Pat Wictor - vocals, guitars (slide, electric & acoustic)

Additional Musicians:
Zev Katz - electric & upright bass (
Joe Bonadio - drums & Percussion
Ben Wisch - organ, harmonium, percussion
Brian Sanders - cello

Arrangements by Brother Sun & Ben Wisch

Brother Sun

cover of Brother Sun

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released 2011   Brother Sun Music

2011 Brother Sun Music

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Brother Sun's debut album

Joe Jencks, Pat Wictor and Greg Greenway
Brother Sun is:
Greg Greenway: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Pat Wictor: Vocals, Lap Slide Guitar, Guitar
Joe Jencks: Vocals Guitar, Bouzouki

All songs written by Greg Greenway, Pat Wictor, or Joe Jencks except: "Well, Well, Well" written by Danny O'Keefe & Boby Dylan and "Go Tell Mary" written by Tom Prasada-Rao & Pat Wictor.

Produced by Neale Eckstein and Brother Sun
Arrangements and Artistic Direction by Brother Sun
Recorded and Mixed at Fox Run Studios, Sudbury, MA by Neale Eckstein and Brother Sun
Mastered at Air Show, Inc., Takoma Park, MD by Charlie Pilzer

Photography by Daniel Senie, Jake Jacobson, Amy J. Putnam, Howard I. Cannon and Neale Eckstein. All photos from WUMB Presents "A Tribute to Dick Pleasants" at the Sanders Theater, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA on 1/7/11

Graphic Design by Jeffry Braun, SuperMozo Studio
Duplication by Andrew Ratshin, Northwest Discs, Seattle, WA

Links In A Chain

cover of Links In A Chain

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released 2009   Turtle Bear Music

All Songs © 2009 Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP except where noted.

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Links In A Chain is a combination of original Joe Jencks songs and classic folk repertoire. Ten years into his career as a full time touring artist, Joe pays tribute here to some of his significant influences. With exquisite arrangements and captivating performances, Joe leads a team of first rate musicians in delivering his finest work to date. This is a live studio project with realistic arrangements and small concert intimacy. This Album was on the Folk DJ Chart for 6 months, reaching #3 on the chart!
Jon Carroll on acoustic grand piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electronic piano, and Rhodes
Jim Robeson on NS Design CR Series 5-String electric double bass
Pat Wictor on Guild acoustic lap slide guitar (custom), 1948 Rickenbacher electric lap steel

The Candle And The Flame

cover of The Candle And The Flame

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released 2007   Turtle Bear Music

All Songs copyright 2007 Joe Jencks, ASCAP except * copyright Stephel Stills, BMI

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Joe Jencks delivers an album that is so personal and so passionate that it shatters any stereotype and places him solidly on the map as one of the finest modern singer songwriters. Joe's vocal performances are unparalleled, and a stellar cast of supporting musicians contributes to make the recording an exceptional piece of work from start to finish. Guests include: Jon Carroll (Mary Chapin Carpenter's pianist) keyboards, Pat Wictor on slide guitars, Siobhan Quinn on backing vocals, Jim Robeson on electric bass, Charlie Pilzer on upright bass, Bob Beach on harmonica, Charlie Bernhardt, and the Jencks Family on vocals.

The Candle And The Flame combines the many facets of Joe's diverse musical background and weaves them all together into an aural tapestry that is stark and exquisite. Joe sings with the passion of an R & B/Gospel singer, the knowledge of a classical vocalist, the soul of an Irish Tenor, and the conscience of a troubadour. At the center of Joe's music is an abiding love for all humanity, a love that transcends the everyday and boarders on the mystical.

Some Quotes about the CD:

'It's always nice to get a CD that I don't I have to preview, because I KNOW it'll be good stuff!'
•Gaye Auxier ~ WDBX Carbondale, IL

'The new one from Joe Jencks is another CD that listeners will have "driveway moments" with.
I loved it!' -Paul Rutter ~ The Folk Show WPSU, Central PA

'The Candle & The Flame is TERRIFIC, BODACIOUS and a JOY to listen to with a wide variety of styles of music. Joe is one of those singer/songwriters who touches me on a variety of levels... Filling some of my spiritual needs as well as helping me think about some of my world view issues.' " Mary Post, DJ ~ Newark, DE
Guests include:
Jon Carroll (Mary Chapin Carpenter's pianist) on keyboards
Pat Wictor on slide guitars
Siobhan Quinn on backing vocals
Jim Robeson on electric bass
Charlie Pilzer on upright bass
Bob Beach on harmonica
Charlie Bernhardt on vocals
The Jencks Family on vocals

Rise As One

cover of Rise As One

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released 2005   Turtle Bear Music

copyright 2005 Joe Jencks/Turtle Bear Music

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Joe Jencks' CD Rise As One: A Live Solidarity Concert (2005) is a musical retrospective on the labor movement.

"In these times we need the singers who will do the homework and tell the story! Joe Jencks is among the fine next generation artists who are ready to carry on the tradition as well as look into the future." -- Holly Near

The Wonder Deep Within

cover of The Wonder Deep Within

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released 2004   Turtle Bear Music

words and music copyright 2004 Joe Jencks/Turtle Bear Music

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While Joe Jencks has performed professionally for nearly twenty years, his first all-spiritual recording, The Wonder Deep Within, was released in the summer of 2004. It met with critical acclaim from fans and reviewers alike. Observer Magazine said, "This recording is a profoundly spiritual statement, and it will go far in helping many people move toward the spiritual centers of their own beings." The reviewer continued, "Joe's voice, so unique in its combination of strength and vulnerability, power and sweetness, is the perfect vehicle for these songs."

In 2004, Joe won the prestigious Walnut Valley Music Festivals' songwriting contest in the category of "Songs of Religion and Spirit." The winning song is the title track off this recording, The Wonder Deep Within.

I Hear Your Voice

cover of I Hear Your Voice

released 2003

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"Listen to Joe! A clear tenor voice; a heart that's in the right place, close to the skin; a sense of justice tempered by a sense of humor; and a CD that captures ia all in rich, tasty arrangements. How can you go wrong?"
•Charlie King

What Kind Of Brother

cover of What Kind Of Brother

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released 2000   Turtle Bear Music

all songs copyright Joe Jencks/Turtle Bear Music

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What Kind of Brother (2000) received national acclaim for its powerful songwriting and passionate singing. The track entitled Auto Mechanically Declined is used from time to time on the legendary National Public Radio show: Car Talk! It was selected to be on a Car Talk: Car Tunes compilation CD, currently in circulation.

The Phoenix

cover of The Phoenix

released 1995   Turtle Bear Music

1995 - Joe Jencks/Turtlebear Music
Changing SeasonsNew BeginningsWhat Do You WantDays Like TheseHomeward BoundWise ManRespect Your EldersI Give It To YouWhen I Was YoungThe PhoenixThe PoetHighwayDifferent Kind Of Heart
Joe Jencks Debut Album

Recorded & Remixed at: Millitrax, Millikin University, Decatur IL (except New Beginnings)
Recorded & Remixed at:Infinity Audio & Design, Seattle WA (New Beginnings)
Mastered at: Infinity Audio & Design by Bob Meador
Digital Editing: Hanzsek Audio, Seattle, WA

Recording Engineers: Joe Jencks, Joe Armstrong, Don Bodin, Gayla Skadden, Lauren Gornall & Jason Pope.
Remix Engineers: Joe Jencks and Don Bodin, Bob Meador (New Beginnings)
Produced by: Joe Jencks

Photography by : Doug Compton, Bob Meador & Kathleen Jencks
Graphic Design: Bob Meador
Tutle Bear Logo: Brad Boute & Joe Jencks

All songs, lyrics & Music (c) 1995, Joe Jencks, Turtle Bear Music, except for Respect Your Elders (c) 1993, Joe Jencks
All songs arranged by Joe Jencks


Voice & Acoustic Guitar: Joe Jencks
Drums: Chris Smith & Brian Gaza
Bass: Jason Pope
Percussion: Joe Armstrong, John Mezzano, Mike Albertson & Tim Turner
Background Vocals: Suzanne Spinosa & Joe Jencks
Violin: Gayla Skadden
Flute: Andrea pelloquin
Cello: Marie-Aline Cadieux
Hopi Flue & Recorder: Joe Jencks
Harmonica: Joe Armstrong
Soprano Saxophone: Shawn Maher
Tenor Saxophone: Andy Blanco
Acoustic Lead on The Poet: Joe Armstrong
Hammond Sample on Changing Seasons: Mike Englehardt
Electric "Etherial" Guitar: Bill Allen
Mandolin: Joe Armstrong & Joe Jencks