Joe Jencks

Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Hyde Park, NY

Songwriting As Journalism: Joe Jencks Songwriting Workshop

2 Main St., Hyde Park, NY USA

phone: (845)229-7791

Price: $45.00


Joe will lead a songwriting workshop titled "Songwriting as Journalism." The class will look at ways to use songwriting to tell stories from our lives and communities that may be newsworthy, but seem to slip below the radar of the mainstream. We will also look at the art of storytelling, and how it relates to songwriting, the editing process, and the difference between the facts and the truth. No matter the subject, songwriting is an amazing vehicle for sharing ideas and information, and it is a vehicle for preserving out history.

How many people know about the plane crash in Los Gatos Canyon 1948, because Woody Guthrie wrote "Deportees?" How many people know about the Wreck of the Great Lakes ore boat The Edmund Fitzgerald because of Gordon Lightfoot?

In this workshop, Joe focuses twenty years of songwriting experience and a strong social conscience on to the idea that our creative process has a valuable place in preserving and passing on stories that might be lost to time with our the benefit of our art and craft. From songs about railroad workers and steel workers to intimate songs of family history Joe jas received national acclaim for his talents in this arena.

$45 price includes admission to the evening concert at the same location.45

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